2017-2018 Officers

Sophie Krause

President & Diversity Committee:
Rich Desanto

Brando Reece-Gomez

Julie Yuan

Nicholas Zurlini

Mentorship Committee:
Roxanne Glick

Outreach Committee:
Dorothy Mulkern


The University of Washington’s student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (UWASLA) is the Landscape Architecture department’s student group within the College of Built Environments. We seek to synthesize the needs and desires of our student body within the larger academic and professional spheres.  UWASLA speaks on behalf of the student body with faculty, aligns mentors from the professional world with like minded students, and organizes social and community service activities to better leverage our role as designers for social and environmental good. During the 2017/2018 year our focuses include: heightened cohesion and wellbeing within the department, increased outreach and community service, and in general bringing us all around the table to more closely examine how we as students can navigate our academic and professional futures.

Past Officers

President: Joshua Gawne
Vice President: Tori Shao
Treasurer: Jean Ni
Secretary: Nicky Bloom
Mentorship Committee: Andrew Badgett & Kevin Van Meter
Outreach Committee: Monica Taylor
Diversity Committee: Allison Ong
Publication Editor: Sierra Druley


President: Andrew Prindle
Treasurer: Fern Huynh
Secretary: Colleen Brennan
Mentorship Committee: Rich Freitas
Outreach Committee: Arthur Ung
Diversity Committee: Gina Kim